Roy and Colleen Skuse

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ONLINE SPORTS TOURS is a unique sports travel organiser with many years experience arranging travel packages and guiding tours to international sports events and on special interest sports vacations.

Travel consultants and tour leaders Roy and Colleen Skuse have taken numerous large and small groups on trips around the world to major sports events and on personalised golfing tours.

Roy's special interests include golf, masters track and field and masters swimming. Colleen is a golfer, swimmer and tennis player.

Online Sports Tours has taken special interest sports groups to Turku (Finland), Miyazaki (Japan), Buffalo (USA), Gateshead (UK), Casablanca (Morocco), Durban (South Africa) Brisbane and Geelong (Australia), San Juan (Puerto Rico), Riccione (Italy).

They have undertaken numerous golf tours through the USA, Canada, Morocco, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, South East Asia, Italy, Turkey and the UK.

"After taking hundreds of people on numerous sports and golf tours we feel that we know what most people want from a successful tour. Our tours are arranged from start to finish by ourselves, there are no middle men. That’s why our tour costs are so low."



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